AsylumCycle  "Welcome to the Asylum" - Harley Mechanical Service & Timeout trailer Dealer
AsylumCycle gives a $50 discount on all cargo trailers. 
All cargo trailers have a shipping and crate charge of $150 picked up at AsylumCycle. Take the $50 discount off that, and you pay only $100 S/H and crate combined.
Can be shipped anywhere, call for quote, business address is cheapest.
All shipped trailers will have some assembly required.
Trailer model       List     
CM1000                            $1495                            
CM2000                            $1595                           
CMLTD                              $1795                            
Dart                                   $1995                                              
Dart  XL1800                     $2395                             
Dart XL HD                        $2395                              
Slipstream(cargo)              $2195                                                    
Zephyr                               $2495                                                           
Blade                                  $2595
ION                                     $1995
EGG                                   $2795 stage one
EGG                                   $3395 stage two
****Prices subject to change without notice****
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