AsylumCycle  "Welcome to the Asylum" - Harley Mechanical Service & Timeout trailer Dealer
Dart cargo trailer. Available in black or white, custom paint
available. 18 cubic feet of cargo space. Shown with 
optional chrome wheels, roof rack, trim package, and
Enclosed cooler package.  
1800XL  Colormatched shown with open cooler package, chrome wheels, trim
package, and cooler cover options.
                    24 Cubic Feet
                        of storage
Shown with Enclosed Cooler,
chrome wheels,
trim package, and roof rack
24 Cubic feet of storage
                                 (CMLTD Shown)
                CM1000 has  15 Cubic Feet of storage
                CM2000 has 19 cubic feet of storage
               CM  Ltd has 24 cubic feet of storage
Wind Raider
Shown with trim, and
Maxam Hubcap Options

         Wind Raider has 19 Cubic feet of storage
Shown with roof rack,
open cooler, and Chrome
Wheel options
 Aerodyne has 26 cubic feet of storage
Shown with roof rack,
Maxam hubcaps, and
bumper options
Shown with roof rack
and trim options
Slipstream has 38 cubic feet of storage
 HRT Classic
Shown with cooler platform
(now only metal, not wood)
and Chrome wheels
HRT has 15 Cubic Feet of Storage
Shown with chrome wheels
Zephyr has 22 cubic feet of storage