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Lock And Load Wheel Chock

Why is the lock N load system preferred?

  • Convenient one person loading, fits all motorcycles
  • Load even the heaviest motorcycle in 60 seconds or less
  • Eliminate any fear of motorcycle falling over
  • No need to compress your forks leading to costly repairs
  • Solid steel construction with full powder coat paint
  • Very easy to use and install
  • Very economical and competitive prices
  • Many accessory options available
  • Tie down strap built into the wheel chock, others offer it as an upgrade of $39 or more
  • When you compare other systems there is simply nothing better
  • Area around motorcycle is available for storage, gaining 25% more area
  • Chock easily removes when not in use and can be used for other locations
  • No more strapping down by the handlebars and putting constant pressure on your forks and having costly fork seal problems or dents in tops of fenders from strapping down to tight. Strap goes between tire and fender and straps tire down to Lock N Load wheel chock. Pull your bike into wheel chock and get off bike without holding it upright.

Lock N Load BK-100 Deluxe wheel chock $199.99

Includes self locking Deluxe wheel chock. Quick disconnect mounting plate, with built in front tie down

Lock N Load BK-102 garage stand (bike not included) $69.95

When your motorcycle is not in the trailer use the BK-100 motorcycle wheel chock in the BK-102 garage stand to change fluids,detail bike, or just to save 25% more space

      BK-101 Narrow tire adapter(wheel chock not included) $24.95

Consists of four pads that bolt to the cradle of the wheel chock to adapt to tires 3 1/2" wide or less

   Self tightening ratchet straps. For rear of motorcycle or anything you want to strap down. If load moves at all this strap will tighten itself back down instead of coming loose or coming off the load.

A great investment for your expensive ride. Works great for just about anything, even your car on a trailer. These have a 3500lbs break strength and 1166lbs safe working load, thats per strap!!! 6feet long plus housing.


New Item available. Comes with "D" ring setup which is mounted to trailer. Ring stays in place and strap can be quickly snapped in and out of place. Very nice setup.

                  $79.00 a pair

$65 a pair

$50 if ordered with wheel chock

"S hook strap adapters $10 a pair

 All prices plus the shipping unless picked up at Asylumcycle

Can ship anywhere around the world call for quote

BK-100 Deluxe wheel chock $199.99 plus $20 shipped in lower 48

BK-102 garage stand $69.95 plus 12 shipped to lower 48

BK-100-3 extra floor plate $29.95 plus $13 shipped to lower 48

BK-101 narrow tire adapter $24.95 plus $5 shipped to lower 48

BK-103 wheel chock seperate $59.95 plus $15 shipped to lower 48

Self tightenng straps $65 pair plus $10 shipped to lower 48

                  Please call for combined shipping!!!!

BK-100, Deluxe wheel chock
BK-102, Garage stand
BK-100-3, Extra floor plate
BK-101, Narrow tire adapter
BK-103, Wheel chock only
Sefl tightening straps, straps/ pair
Flush Mount Strap pair, hideaway floor strap
BK200, Pair D rings with straps
S hook adapter for straps pair, adapter/ s Hook pair